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Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Be Sure Your Carpets Are Cleaned by the Best
Our Steam-Cleaning Service Use Exceptional Equipment & Eco-Friendly Products

My name is Lisa and I'm the owner of Anderson Carpet Cleaning Inc., the leading carpet cleaners in Seattle and on the Eastside. Over the last 20 years, Anderson Carpet Cleaning has had the privilege of helping over thousands of your friends and neighbors get the most sparkling carpets and rugs they've ever seen.  In fact, many tell me they love taking their shoes off and rubbing their toes in the soft, fluffy carpet after they get the most thorough cleaning ever.

They told me they wanted more. . .and I'm giving it to them!

Residential AfterMany of my first time customer's have told me of their experiences with a bad carpet cleaning company.  Unfortunately, there are many and most always somebody with a few thousand dollars has bought a very well used carpet cleaning machine and placed it in their very old van.  Now they call themselves a professional carpet cleaner.  They pay $500 for a web site and the next thing ya know, they are out there presenting themselves as the best.  They use very cheap and harsh cleaning agents that can be dangerous to your health if used incorrectly.   A carpet cleaning truck mounted machine even if only average in quality can cost nearly $20,000.

We’re not your average carpet cleaning company in Redmond and Seattle.  Anderson uses exclusively Steam Way which is known to be the best and can cost upwards in the $28,000 range.  A whole bunch of difference then the new cleaner on the block.

My clients say they feel healthier after we clean their carpets!

I'm not only dedicated to giving your carpets & rugs the most thorough cleaning ever... I'm also dedicated to helping to improve the quality of your life by making your home the optimal healthy environment for your family.  I don't think you'll hear this from any other carpet cleaner!

Our carpet cleaners from Seattle, Redmond to Renton go the extra mile so every inch of your carpet is clean and fresh.

This is what you receive when  Anderson Carpet Cleaners cleans your Carpets & Rugs:

  • Long Lasting Deep Clean
    We extract all the dirt, grime & debris of 100% of your carpet yarns. We don't just buff the surface like some bonnet or carbonation methods (Dry-Chemical Systems) do. With our cleaning process your carpets and rugs will stay cleaner longer because we extract all the dirt & debris.
  • Kills Germs, Bacteria, and Dust Mites:
    Our High Powered, Truck-Mounted Steam Extraction process kills and extracts most germs, bacteria, and dust mites from your carpet fibers.  98% of the carpet mills recommends Hot Water Extraction (steam) as the preferred cleaning method.
  • We Use Safe-Bio-Degradable Cleaning Agents:
    The cleaning agents we use are designed for your particular carpet & rug fibers and are safe for children and animals.
  • No Cleaning Residue Left in Your Carpets -  Our Seattle carpet cleaners uses rinsing strokes to make sure no cleaning residue is left in your carpet yarns. By flushing out all the dirt, grime, and cleaning agents we restore your matted traffic lanes to fluffy and soft carpet fibers with no soap residue making your carpets stay cleaner longer.
  • Fast Drying Time
    Because of our deep extraction, van-powered truck mounted equipment, we pick up 98% of the moisture we put down.  Only your carpet fibers are barely damp.  Depending on the grade of carpeting and the air circulation in your home our drying time is approx. 2-10 hours.
  • We don't Cut Corners, We Clean Them
    We take all the time needed to clean every square inch thoroughly.
  • We Move Most Furniture
    We move most furniture and place plastic tabs and blocks under the furniture so the carpets will dry properly.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed on our service!
    There is nothing worse than paying for a service and not being happy or thrilled with the results.  You have peace of mind always when you use us to clean your carpets.  If not done to your expectations then we will return and do it again.
  • 20 Years of Experience
    As the saying goes "practice makes perfect."  And as the best carpet cleaning company in Seattle and beyond, we have perfected our cleaning methods and spotting techniques to give our clients maximum cleaning results. If it can be gotten out, Anderson gets it out.
  • Professional Friendly Services
    You will receive friendly, informative, and caring service from your first phone call to the completion of your job.  We also call a day or two later to make sure you are still thrilled with our service.

Please give us a call and you are on your way to having the Fluffiest- Cleanest Carpet & Rugs in town.