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Hardwood Floors Cleaning Services

Be Sure Your Carpets Are Cleaned by the Best

Your satisfaction is something we are passionate about. If you’re looking for affordable and reliable hardwood floor cleaning from Seattle to the Eastside, Lisa is the person to call.

Requires On-site Quote Prior to Scheduling Cleaning

  • All furniture must be removed.
  • Carpet cleaning and hardwood floor cleaning MUST be scheduled on different days unless the home is completely void of furnishings.
  • Boarding your pets for 24 hours ensures they won't damage the newly cleaned surface.

3 easy steps

Clean and Protect Your Hardwood Floors

As a long-standing hardwood floor cleaner in Seattle, Anderson Carpet Cleaning understands the complexities surrounding cleaning and caring for your hardwood floor surfaces.  We are able to extract unseen, ground-in dirt from deep within the crevices and cracks of hardwood flooring.

Professional hardwood maintenance can dramatically improve the appearance of wood floors and bring back their original luster.  Our system removes the toughest dirt and residue, both safely and effectively.

Commercial strength cleaning agents and equipment lifts away buildup and rejuvenates floors for a fraction of the price it would cost to repair floors that are not professionally maintained.

At Anderson Carpet Cleaning, we use Basic Coatings commercial grade cleaners to successfully eliminate dirt, dust, oil and other contaminates that weaken hardwood floors and can lead to costly repairs.

Basic Coatings intensive cleaning process doesn't just clean the surface like most systems and products; it extracts hidden dirt deep within the boards of hardwood floors.

Additionally, our technician follows up by hand cleaning to clean those hard-to-reach areas.  We restore the pH balance of your floor by using a professional grade wood cleaner.  The process is low-odor, non-toxic and dust-free.

The Anderson Hardwood Process

Our hardwood floor cleaning in Seattle is nothing less than thorough and comprehensive. Here’s what you can expect when our technicians arrive.

What can expect when our technicians arrive.

Inspection - The technician inspects the floor to identify any trouble spots and contaminates.

Explanation - The technician will explain the process used for cleaning hardwood floors.  There are two options ... a basic clean, and a deep clean.  The deep clean will dissolve the contaminates using our buffer system.

Preparation & Cleaning - The technician will get to work restoring your floors to their natural beauty.

Wood Floor Care instructions:
3-4 hours before walking on floor
24 hours before returning furniture to wood floor
2 weeks before returning area rugs to floor

Contact Lisa at (425) 427-1639 for reliable hardwood floor cleaning in Seattle and other locations in WA. Feel free to ask if our service is available in your city.


  • Do not use wax or silicone based polishes or cleaners.  Some wood flooring cleaners sold at the local stores may make the floors more difficult to clean and may create problems when the floor requires recoating.
  • Avoid deep scratches.  High heels and dog nails can damage wood flooring.
  • Do not slide furniture across wood flooring.
  • Place felt pads under furniture sitting on wood flooring.

Hardwood Floors Cleaned and Restored!

hwfWe know how to clean and care for your hardwood floors - We understand the importance of properly sealing and maintaining your hardwood floors.  Our processes extract the dirt and grime from within the deep cracks and crevices of your hardwood floor.  Imagine the improved air quality and circulation you'll experience when all that unseen dirt is removed from deep within your hardwood floors.

My clients say they feel healthier after we clean their hardwood floors!

I'm not only dedicated to giving your carpets, hardwood floors & rugs the most thorough cleaning ever... I'm also dedicated to helping to improve the quality of your life by making your home the optimal healthy environment for your family.  I don't think you'll hear this from any other hardwood floor cleaner!  ~Lisa

This is what you receive when Anderson Carpet Cleaning cleans your Hardwood Floors:

Intensive Deep Cleaning

Hardwood_IntensiveDeepCleaning.jpgAggressively cleans: dirt, grease, hair, dust, built-up residue and contaminants.

  • This can be done along as a routine maintenance procedure.
  • Scrub with floor prep cleaning machine and I.F.T. - the intensive cleaner.
  • Repeat Scrub with cleaning machine and Squeaky - commercial floor cleaner.
  • Tack with microfiber cleaning pad and commercial floor cleaner.


Maintenance Recoat - Option #1Hardwood_MaintenanceRecoat.jpg

Aggressivley cleans and Recoats the floor to a uniform satin sheen.

A combination of the intensive cleaning step and the quick and easily applied Hardwood Floor Recoater.  This system removes dirt from the floor and restores a uniform sheen.

  • Scrub with floor prep cleaning machine and I.F.T. - the intensive cleaner.
  • Repeat Scrub with cleaning machine and Squeaky - commercial floor cleaner.
  • Apply Hardwood Floor Recoaters with a microfiber cleaning pad.


Poly Tykote Recoat - Dust Free Recoating - Option #2Hardwood_PloyTykoteRecoat.jpg

A combination of the intensive cleaning step and the StreetShoe, a very durable protective coating.

  • Scrub with floor prep cleaning machine and I.F.T. - the intensive cleaner.
  • Repeat Scrub with cleaning machine and Squeaky - commercial floor cleaner.
  • Apply protective coating with a microfiber pad.
  • Top coat with preferred StreetShoe sheen.

Please give us a call and you are on your way to having the Cleanest Hardwood Floors, Carpet & Rugs in town.