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  • Joyce C.

    Joyce C.

    I got my sofa clean from Anderson Carpet Cleaning and the service was great! They were able to clean out...
  • Weihuang G.

    Weihuang G.

    Henry done a great job for us, just see photos I posted, we are leaving nobody home and he get...
  • Anthony L.

    Anthony L.

    Lisa was a great pleasure to talk to on the phone and Mike was extremely professional on the job site!!!...
  • Toni H.

    Toni H.

    Where do I start. I called Lisa after signing a lease on a trailer where I was promised the carpets...
  • matt a.

    matt a.

    Thank you so much for being honesty and taking care of someone else's screw up. I recommend using this company....
  • Mike L.

    Mike L.

    We just moved to a new home up the street and decided to ask for Jose again.  The carpets were...
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