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For Carpet Cleaning in Carnation, have us steam clean your carpets and enjoy an outstanding experience with our professional area rug cleaning company. We are the real thing! Don’t get stuck with an “encapsulation process,” a “tankless system,” or a “dry method.” If you want it done right, truck mounted cleaning is the only way to go. There is no substitute for rinsing (steaming) the dirt away (at approx 220 degrees). At Anderson Carpet Cleaning Inc™ we use top of the line truck-mounted steam cleaning equipment for great results, quick dry times, and a nice finished look.

Don’t worry that you are too far from the city center to get timely service. We are located in the center of Sammamish and it’s a quick trip for us the back way off the plateau, up over Tolt Hill Road, across the bridge, and into Carnation. Personally, I (the owner…but there are four of us), always hope I can get to the Ixtapa there in town between appointments. They have the best Nachos on the Eastside…but sometimes I get the Macho Burrito with the green chile sauce.

Cleaning the Carnation Area

Anderson Carpet Cleaning Inc serves the neighborhoods within and around Carnation including Pleasant Hill, Lake Marcel, Stillwater, Tolt Hill, Ames Lake, Daniel’s Ranch, and Lake Joy.

Real Value, No Surprises

All our technicians have a legitimate desire to get your carpets as clean as possible. We give it everything we have within the terms of our arrangement. You won’t run into any hidden charges or last minute surprises. Our pricing is designed to be straight forward and easily understandable so we can avoid spending time working out terms and focus on doing good work. Visit our Carpet Cleaning Coupons page to see what we mean!

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Contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our skilled carpet cleaners for a specific time (not a two-hour arrival window). Carpet Cleaners in Carnation

Have Questions?

Our informative Carpet Cleaning FAQ’s page will answer many of your questions. We are just as happy to talk with you on the phone. 1-888-685-9545. You will find we are easy to work with, and you will love what we can do for your home.

Don’t Just Listen to What We Say

Our Carpet Cleaning Reviews page includes experiences from more than 50 customers that have used our service. These reviews have been copied and pasted from various review sites around the internet (Citysearch, Yelp,, Angie’s List, and more). It’s nearly exhaustive. Feel free to click to these sites to make sure we got them all.

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We Are Local

Anderson Carpet Cleaning Inc™ is a mobile business located on the Eastside. We are not a chain, nor is it a franchise. We do not do business in any other states. The cities we service are clustered around the 24 listed on our service area tab/page. We service homes from Mill Creek at the North End of our route to Renton at the South End. We go as far east as North Bend, and do a lot of appointments in Duvall, Carnation, and Snoqualmie as well.