Greater Seattle Carpet Stretching and Carpet Repair Service

We Can Stretch & Repair Carpets that Look like this:

Carpet Stretching and Repair Service is One of the Most Critical Maintenance Routines to Consider

Carpet stretching service is the process of removing wrinkles, bumps and bubbles from carpet. Your carpet requires regular maintenance and care to keep it in tip-top condition. Carpet stretching is one of the most critical maintenance routines to consider.

Our Carpet Stretching Process Removes Wrinkles, Bumps and Bubbles

But why do you need to stretch your carpet? In the simplest terms, carpet stretching is the process of removing wrinkles, bumps and bubbles that form on the surface of a carpet.

Sooner Or Later, Your Carpet Will Develop Those Ugly Kinks

Carpets require stretching service oftentimes after poor installation, improper padding or delamination. People have come up with varying narratives to explain why a carpet will develop an uneven surface. Whichever the case, sooner or later, your carpet will develop those ugly kinks or wrinkles.

Appropriate Equipment and A Skilled Carpet Re-Stretching Professional

Fortunately, when done properly with the appropriate equipment and a skilled re-stretching professional – this service can easily be guaranteed for 10 years!

Benefits of Carpet Stretching

  1. Safety

Ripples and bumps in the carpet pose a safety threat. Children, the elderly, pets, and anyone living in the home could face serious injury from tripping on the uneven carpet. Regular carpet stretching is a great way to maintain a safe environment for all members of your household.

  1. Lifespan

A carpet that is not properly installed is likely to wear unevenly and move over time, leading many people to decide to replace the carpet sooner than you expected.

Carpet stretching smooths the wrinkles out of the carpet and prevents soil and dust from settling in the uneven areas, which slows its deterioration. Skilled carpet technicians can also re-attach the carpet to the tack strip where needed to ensure it is properly fastened along the edges.

  1. Visual Appeal of Your Home

A lumpy carpet diminishes the beauty of your home. Having your carpet stretched adds to your home’s appeal and gives it a tidy and well-maintained look.

Add to that a fresh and clean carpet contributing to the warmth and charm of your home.

What to Expect

How Does Carpet Stretching Work?

Our greater Seattle carpet stretching service involves applying multi-directional tension on a carpet forcing it to straighten and smooth out. Today, this process has been highly mechanized, and our technicians utilize power stretchers and a pole system. Basically, a power stretcher features specialized claws which dig into the latex padding of the carpet to exert an estimated force of 674 pounds. With the latex backing stretched to near limit, the carpet sits correctly with a perfect fit free from wrinkles and kinks. Afterwards, the edges are carefully trimmed down to achieve the perfect carpet size for your room.

We offer the finest carpet stretching and carpet repair services in Seattle

Our crews service the Eastside and greater Seattle area. Whether you are in Renton or Camano Island we offer our services for your carpet. Anderson Carpet, Wood and Tile Cleaning has over 40 years of experience in the carpet industry. Our enthusiastic team of greater Seattle carpet stretching and repair professionals are determined to deliver quality results. To ensure the best results possible, we use a high-performance power stretcher which leaves your carpet smooth.

In addition to stretching carpets, we offer:

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Carpet repair
  • Patching
  • Pet damage repair
  • Bleach stain repair
  • and more!

Don’t forget to ask about our 10 Year Warranty included with our carpet stretching services.


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