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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services in Seattle Metro & Greater Eastside

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Pricing:  We have two plans

The Honor System Plan:
This is a streamlined arrangement for parties who want it done quickly without a lot of fuss.  You simply call our office, reserve a time on our schedule, and give us the approximate square footage of the area you want to be done.  We quote you over the phone per square foot, show up the time of the appointment, do our thing, and receive payment then. If the square footage is roughly close to what you told us over the phone, the final price is exactly what we agreed.

The Protocol Plan:
This is a plan for office managers and property management groups that conform to a specific administrative protocol.  You may have strict insurance requirements, want forms and contracts signed, need the space measured, and/or require us to bill you.  You may also be asking us to deal with a third party such as an on-site building engineer or a separate property management group.  We will physically come out, give a written quote, and discuss the specifics of what you require.  Pricing is, of course, included in the written quote and will include adjustments related to the cost of making the bid, handling paperwork, reviewing insurance requirements, and adding an account receivable.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Scheduling

Our commercial carpet cleaning service is available in Seattle Metro & the Greater Eastside Area. Call us to find out if we visit your area.

How it works (and what we need):

We find people sometimes have a tough time conceptualizing how a truck-mounted unit can reach upper floors in a highrise office building.

Not to worry! Anderson is the choice commercial carpet cleaner in Seattle Metro & Greater Eastside with a unique portable commercial cleaning system designed to provide top-notch service for your office carpet.  We can clean your offices - up to the 20th floor!

Cleaning & Disinfecting Your Facility or Office:

As demonstrated in our photo above, we can even clean your office partition walls!  How long has it been since your office has been deeply cleaned?

For reliable commercial carpet cleaning in Seattle and on the Eastside, call Lisa today at 425.427.1639

Using our traditional system there are some things we need to do the work.

  • Water hookup:  We need to connect to an outside water spigot.  Most buildings have at least one located somewhere on the outside of the building.  However, if it's broken or otherwise non-operational, we can't do it.
  • Stairwell: Since our hoses are physically connected to the machine in our van, an elevator simply won't work for our purposes.  Thus, we need access to a stairwell.
  • Positioning:  We need to have an outdoor access point where our van can park relatively near the building's inside stairwell (if the work is on an upper floor).  Usually it's no problem.  Within 60 feet is fine.  We simply pull up near a side door close to the stairwell and park next to or on a sidewalk.  We cannot park on the other side of a street or trafficked driveway, or in a remotely located parking lot, and we avoid enclosed parking garages since our machine(s) gives off exhaust.
  • Timing:  We need to do it at a time when office staff is not trafficking the area.  Usually, times are set up near the close of business on a workday, weekend, or minor holiday. We also have to consider the activities of other workers that use the building who might be in adjoining offices that operate on a different schedule.

There are some other considerations as well:

  • Security:  Our commercial carpet cleaning does not provide this.  If there is a concern about the door remaining open while we do the work, you may want to consider having your own security personnel keep an eye on the entrance.
  • Insurance: We carry commercial liability insurance (2 million policy) and can provide documentation.  If you require us to hold comprehensive coverage on our commecial vehicles however, this is a deal breaker.  But, we agree to release you from liability for damages and/theft related to our property.
  • Forms and Contracts: Some property management groups have certain protocols they must adhere to related to billing, forms, contracts, and other paperwork.  If this is the case, let us know in advance and we will see what we can do.  For our part, we have never required customers, either commercial or residential, to sign a contract.  Our company has never been sued or had an insurance claim.
  • How far we can go:  We can go a long way vertically.  Gravity being what it is, there is big difference between pulling water and air downward from higher elevations than pulling upwards or across.  If we can get within 75 feet of the inside stairwell, 300 feet of total hose lets us do the 8th floor of a typical highrise depending on the span of floor itself.  If we can get within 25 feet of the stairwell, we can realistically clean the 11th floor!   I would consider putting another 50 foot length on too (3 more floors), but with less certainty.