Area Rug Cleaning for Seattle Metro & Greater Eastside

Area Rug Steam Cleaning Services in Seattle Metro & Greater Eastside

Professionally cleaning your area rugs can greatly improve their appearance and lifespan. At Anderson Carpet Cleaning for Seattle Metro & Greater Eastside, we have the knowledge to clean almost all types of rugs with our area rug steam cleaning services.

Area rug cleaning is much more complex than what most people are aware of, especially when it comes to rugs made of natural fibers like cotton, wool or silk. These natural fibers are super sensitive to high pH chemicals, high heat and too much agitation.

Cleaning Synthetic Area Rugs

Synthetic area rugs (you know, from Home Depot or Fred Meyers) are cleaned using the steam-cleaning method just like your carpet. We first apply an enzyme-based pre-treatment, which we then extract using our truck-mounted carpet-cleaning unit. On these rugs, it’s safe to use the powerful vacuum system and high heat that a truck-mounted carpet-cleaning system offers.

Types of synthetic rugs:

Cleaning natural fiber rugs

There are a few important bits of information about properly maintaining the more expensive natural fiber area rugs that most consumers are not so aware of. You see, wool and other natural fibers have many cleaning sensitivities. For example, they are sensitive to high pH levels, high heat (although wool is flame retardant) and high agitation. Some, like silk, are even sensitive to over-wetting. There are a few ways you can go about cleaning natural fiber rugs. Some wool rugs you can quickly and safely steam-clean with low heat and low moisture. But this is more of a surface cleaning, which in some situations is just fine. Silk and cotton are to never be steam-cleaned. And we are happy to refer you to a company that specializes in this process.

Types of natural fiber rugs:

Wool, Cotton, Silk, Jute/Sisal

Optional Area Rug Cleaning Services

Area Rug Protection

A great way to prolong the life of your area rug, and add some repellency is to have it treated with a protector. This invisible barrier will help repel dry and wet soils, making them easier to clean.

Area Rug Cleaning FAQ’s

How long does it take the area rugs to dry after cleaning?
It depends on what type of rug it is. Synthetic rugs will dry within a couple of hours. Natural fiber rugs like wool and cotton can take several hours.

Will “steam” cleaning damage my area rugs?
It will not damage synthetic area rugs and some wool rugs. All synthetics are safe to steam clean and can be cleaned just like we would your carpet. Some wool rugs are safe to steam clean too as long as the heat is low, water pressure is low and safe chemicals are used. Other wool and natural fiber rugs like cotton and silk must be cleaned by hand using the foam method.

What kind of results should I expect?
Again, synthetic rugs clean much like carpet so you can expect very clean and refreshed rugs. Natural fibers are more absorbent so they are more easily stained.

How often should I clean my area rugs?
It depends on the amount of traffic the rug gets. For rugs that get high traffic, we recommend at least once a year.


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Sandi Carli
Sandi Carli
I hired Anderson Carpet to clean and buff my engineered hardwood floor. They promptly sent out Jose to give me an estimate and determine what could be done. I used Bona polish on my floors over the years, which trapped dirt and left my floors with a white film, water spots, etc. Jose pretested my floor to see if he could remove the polish. It appeared he could, but told me it might be difficult. Jose came back several days later and spent about 6 hours cleaning my floors. My floors look brand new!!!! I couldn't believe how much dirt came up from the floors that I routinely cleaned. Jose is fantastic to work with and is highly skilled. I'm just thrilled with how my floors look. Great job!!
Lodie Grubb
Lodie Grubb
customer service and the technician were both excellent! top notch!
Kathy Weatherford
Kathy Weatherford
Moses was very professional, taking before and after photos. He was careful to go over all the areas to be cleaned with me first, and was helpful and polite. I would totally use this company again!
Kelley Smith
Kelley Smith
I would use them again and probably will. The carpets both look great and Moses was wonderful to work with. The cost was exactly what I expected....
Tony Zhao
Tony Zhao
Jose Villa did a really good job to clean up carpet. The customer service is very friendly and responsive. Overall, very good experience.
Nancy Rosenberg
Nancy Rosenberg
I've used Anderson Carpet for years and they have always been professional, timely, and responsive.
Pam R
Pam R
Moses did a great job. He took the time to make sure the carpets were really, really clean. The true carpet color was revealed and it looked great.
Aloke Ray
Aloke Ray
Lisa has great personality and very understanding lady. Moses and his team did excellent job to do steam cleaning of my Issaquah home and updated all the information I have requested since I am out of WA. Their service charges are reasonable with A+ service. I would strongly recommend and I will use their service in the future. Good wishes, Al
Jimmy Abraham
Jimmy Abraham
Upfront pricing. Punctual. Got the job done quickly and effectively. Would definitely use again.