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Whole House Carpets Cleaning Special

Cleaning Services include Eco-Friendly, Per Friendly, and Biodegradable Products

Book 2 Whole House Cleanings
and Save 15% OFF the second booking

  • homePre-inspection
  • Pre-treatment
  • Standard Spot Removal
    (urine spots additional charge)
  • 15 Stairs Included
    (additional stairs $6 each)
  • Light Furniture Moved
    (not in bedrooms or sectionals)
  • Soil Extraction & Rinse
  • Post Cleaning Inspection
  • Does NOT include filtration
  • NO Travel Charge

Call for Quote 425.427.1639

  • only $499.00 (up to 3000 sq ft)
  • only $650.00 (3001 to 4000 sq ft)
  • only $850.00 (over 4001 sq ft)

Our whole house special includes an initial walk through with our trained technician.  This is so you can point out any special concerns and so our technician and you are on the same page.  Then our technician will do a pre-spray on the carpets and then steam clean ALL the carpets in the home. This is including 15 individual stairs.  If you have more than 15 stairs, then there is an additional charge of $6.00 per stair.  If you have areas of concern (spots, stains) there also is an additional charge of $45.00 per room for pet issues and $30.00 additional charge for individual spots not pet related (coffee, food...).

Our technician will move small upholstered pieces if you request.  He will NOT move bedroom furniture, sectional sofas or any thing with electronics on it.  You can pay him when the service is complete, call the office with a credit card, send a check or call after your vacation!

Is your living area higher than a 2 story house?  We have a portable unit that can go as high  as need be, it is an extra $65.00 for us to use this for the cleaning.

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