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Cleaning Tips for Carpet, Wood, Tile & Upholstery

Is Your Carpet Turning Yellow?

By Lisa Shultz | August 31, 2016

There are SEVERAL reasons for this. If the yellowing is lighter than your carpet, it’s due to color loss (bleach). Another reason is atmospheric gases (sunshine). And last but not least, yellowing can happen due to the pad. There is a solvent called BHT that can be found in some pads. For the last one…

We All Sit on Sofa’s and Loveseats

By Lisa Shultz | August 31, 2016

We all sit on sofa’s and loveseats, sometimes in shorts or even in the raw.  We spill, the dog uses them as their personal grooming centers leaving germs and bacteria not to mention the dirt and dander.  All this make’s your once beautiful and clean furniture at the very least, unhealthy. Our powerful hot steam…

Why Are Coffee Stains so Difficult to Remove from Carpets?

By Lisa Shultz | June 16, 2016

Find success when removing coffee or tea spills… If you allow a few days to pass, the coffee, tea or wine stain is much tough to remove. These stains appear to take up permanent residence in the carpet. Our most aggressive cleaning technique often shows limited success. Why so tough? Coffee, tea and wine (and…

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