Why Choose Anderson Carpet Cleaning ?

Anderson Carpet Cleaning is a family owned business serving the entire Seattle-metro area with eco-friendly carpet cleaning services since 1996.

Lisa is the proud owner and resides in Duvall with her two kids … and treats every customer as if they are family.

Always a stickler for perfection, every carpet, rug or upholstered furniture cleaned by her company is backed with her promise that it will be done immediately feel the extreme passion she has for her company to provide you with a Red Carpet Experience!”

Anderson Carpet Cleaning has five vans with the latest steam cleaning equipment for all residential cleaning needs as well a large “Fuso” truck which offers the ability to clean apartments up as high as the tenth floor! In keeping with the latest in environmentally friendly cleaning soaps and sanitizers.

Lisa is always making sure that each product she uses is organic. In fact, she encourages her customers to use the waste water extracted from their home to water their plants and they will flourish!

Why Us vs. Them?

  • We have a no square foot limit policy (other cleaners use a 300sf limit per room)
  • You can build the cleaning into the closing of the sale
  • We can take payment from escrow
  • We can take payment up to 30 days after cleaning
  • We can take several smaller payments if that’s what it takes
  • We can take payments over the phone
  • We can take payments from a third party
  • We will make you happy!!!


Some cleaning companies will offer cheap carpet cleaning services just to get a foot in the door. Then they’ll pick out a number of other issues with your carpet that need to be attended to, and tack on the respective costs. While some price variation is possible, a great carpet cleaning service won’t provide you with a total bill that’s far more expensive than their original estimate.

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