Carpet Protection

Carpet protector is a treatment that is applied to carpet in the mills during the manufacturing process. This treatment coats the individual fibers with a protective barrier against stains and soils, keeping them from bonding to the fiber, and making it easier to clean.

This protection will wear off with foot traffic and/or clean off. It is recommended that you re-apply this protection with each cleaning. Some cleaners use products (such as  3M Scotchgard or Dupont Teflon) with only provide good dry soil protection and some water and oil based stain protection but not the tough dye stains.

We use a both products, Dupont Teflon (which is a very good dry soil and water/oil based stain protection) as the base product but also utilizes a special technology to protect your carpet fibers against even the toughest dye stains, making them easily removable long after the fact. This product is not a threat to you, your child’s or pet’s health, and the base product is used as a food packaging coating as well as in non-stick cookware.