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Cleaning Tips

Why We Don’t Recommend Mop n Glo on Your Wood Floors

Many people who have used Mop & Glo on their wood floors are very unhappy with the results. Similar to Orange Glo, Mop & Glo Wood Floor Cleaner leaves a cloudy white film on wood floors. Despite its claim to clean floors, Mop & Glo will make your wood floors look dirtier than they were…

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Spot Vs. Stain

A blacklight detecting urine, even if you can’t see it, but you can SMELL it! The ONLY otc product to use on self spotting pet urine Steam clean halfway through with a stain. You can dye a lighter stain dark, but not a darker stain light. We also clean RVs! A stain is WORSE. You…

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Soil or “filtration lines,” which are created by soot from your furnace, and in some cases, candles. Nearly every home has them to some degree. The dirt is located where you typically don’t walk. It’s possible to remove them, but it’s very time consuming. It requires taping the molding with painter’s tape, treating the edges…

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Jute Rugs – To Clean or Not to Clean

OK, SO YOU HAVE A JUTE RUG, DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS?  I looked it up, here is the definition: “a rough fiber made from the stems of a tropical Old World plant, used for making twine and rope or woven into sacking or matting.” NOW YOU WANT TO CLEAN IT…here’s a few…

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The Consequences of Neglecting Tile Cleaning

Tiled flooring is a fantastic way to add some beauty to many rooms in your home, but it also can come with a number of potential cleaning issues. We’re experts in all forms of floor cleaning, and we’ve seen firsthand the issues that can arise with tile and grout products when proper maintenance and cleaning…

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Why do my carpets have gray line along the edges?

Is this included in my carpet cleaning? At Anderson Carpet Cleaning, one of the most asked questions is, “Why do I have gray lines at my carpets edges?”  Those are called soil “filtration lines,” which are created by soot from your furnace, and in some cases, candles. Nearly every home has them to some degree.…

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Carpet Cleaning Tips for the Holidays

The Holidays are coming, and so are your guests. Some guests are planned and some will be the dreaded “pop ins.” Will you be ready? Our tip…Clean your carpets after the guests have left…You know the carpets will be dirtier than when you started.  And really who’s looking at the carpets anyway, besides your mother-in-law.…

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Stain Removal Guide for Rugs

Time is of the essence when your rug becomes stained. Remember to blot — not rub — the stain and remove moisture from spills as quickly as possible. Alcohol and soft drinks: Use a solution of 1 teaspoon liquid dish detergent, 1 quart of warm water, and 1/4 teaspoon of white vinegar. Apply to the…

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