3 Reasons To Hire A Professional Carpet Cleaner Over A Rental Machine

Every year millions of Americans clean their carpets, but how clean are they really?

A carpet cleaning doesn’t always mean a cleaner carpet

We all want a cleaner carpet and a healthier home. Even if your carpet looks clean, it can still hold up to a pound of dirt in one square yard. While some stores offer the convenience of a portable model, they’re often less effective than the professional steam cleaning equipment Your carpets can still contain dirt and allergens that can be harmful to everyone living in the home. Many professionals have heavy-duty steam cleaning equipment such as truck mount steam carpet cleaning. Try getting that at your local grocery store!

Helping yourself, and the environment

With many families opting for healthier and more eco-friendly options at the dinner table and the pump, many people don’t realize that there are eco-friendly steam cleaning equipment benefits as well. Some professionals offer non-toxic, natural cleaners that won’t harm the environment, while some units use 1/5 the amount of water of traditional machines. This can be extremely useful in home or with public space carpet cleaning.

Save yourself time. . .and the headache

Whether you’re a parent in charge of two kids, or a small business owner in charge of 50 people, there’s one thing everyone can agree on–there’s never enough time.

Hiring a professional carpet cleaning service saves a trip to the local store, waiting in line, and hauling it back home only to realize it’s broken. Now you’re left with a machine that doesn’t work and no idea how to fix it. You can drive all the way back and get a new one, but there’s no guarantee the replacement rental won’t have the same problem. If this does work, you can risk damaging your carpet by improper use.

While you don’t need to clean your carpet every month, USA Today recommends getting your carpets cleaned once every 12-18 months. While only needing to be done once a year, this can help offset the increase in price that hiring a professional service can present.

Everyone wants a clean home free of allergens and dirt, and with every show on HGTV encouraging a DIY mentality, many people try to apply that to every facet of their lives. So the next time you’re at home or business, look down and ask yourself, how clean is this really?