5 Simple Habits That Will Keep Your Seattle Carpets Clean

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Seattle area homeowners and renters who live with wall-to-wall carpeting know how quickly those soft, comfortable floors can get dirty. Up to 75% of people surveyed admitted to walking on their home’s carpets while wearing their outdoor shoes, tracking in dirt and grime.

The good news is there are a few ways you can tread more carefully around the house and keep your Seattle Area carpets clean throughout the seasons of the Pacific Northwest Here are five habits to consider adopting in your own space to keep your carpets clean.

Simple Habits That Will Keep Your Seattle Carpets Clean:

  1. Have doormats for every entrance. Doormats are a great way to protect both carpeting and hardwood floors. They give your guests, and you, a designated place to wipe your shoes. But don’t just place one doormat at the front door. If you have multiple entrances such as a back door or screen side door, place doormats there too. Have two on either side of the entrance, one just outside to wipe off your shoes and one inside to take your shoes off.
  2. Clean stains right away. When you wait to clean spills, pet stains, or food, the harder it will be to clean them later. And placing furniture over the stains only hides the problem. Be diligent about cleaning up messes as soon as you can, and be sure you’re using the right solution for your flooring.
  3. Invest in a good vacuum. It’s recommended to vacuum your floors at least twice a week, but vacuuming only does so much for your home when you have a good vacuum cleaner. Invest in a vacuum that digs deep when it cleans so you can get the most dirt, dander, dust, and debris out of your carpeting.
  4. Have your carpet cleaned at least once a year. Your carpeting ought to be professionally cleaned at least once a year (or more if you prefer). Professional hallway carpet cleaning and whole-home carpet cleaning helps to keep your flooring damage free for as long as possible.

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The average carpet contains up to four times its weight in dust and soil. Despite this, up to 40% of people say they’ve never had their carpet cleaned by professionals.

The eco-friendly carpet cleaning services of Anderson Carpet Cleaning can keep your carpeting free of allergens so you can breathe easier and live cleaner. To learn more about our services including hallway carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and hardwood floor cleaning, contact Anderson Carpet Cleaning today.