Carpet or Hardwood

Carpet or hardwood?  Here are some thoughts on why carpet….

The softness. While nylon carpet fibers have long held a well-deserved reputation for stain resistance, the sixth-generation nylons, known as Nylon 6 and Nylon 6.6, are the softest yet. They’re made using an increased number of smaller-diameter, toe-coddling fibers per square inch. They’re tough, too, and they’ll resist stains and abrasions for 20 years and more. Not surprisingly, these latest-gen nylon carpets are among the most expensive of the synthetics, up to 20% more expensive — but still cheaper than hardwood, which leads us to reason

Less expensive.  You can install a high-end quality carpet for about half the cost of hardwood. Compare the costs for a 12-by-12 room:  Materials: carpet $3-600 vs Hardwood $15-1750, installation carpet $35-100 sf vs hardwood $400-1400. Less noise.  Kids? Dogs? Definitely carpet that room. Carpeting is a great sound blocker; in fact, it’s one of the most efficient building materials available when it comes to absorbing noise. With a noise reduction coefficient.  Besides you can hush your baby’s nursery, any bedroom, media room, and reading room. For an attic bedroom, carpet is a must-have choice.  It’s prettier.  Carpeting has options, lots of them: Textures, different types of yarn systems, hundreds of colors, patterns, tone-on-tone prints, looped carpet, tip shears — just about anything you dream up. That’s good news for those who like their homes to have personality. The wool and sisal carpets of today are eco-friendly options for carpet-lovers.