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Cleaning Method

The Chemicals We Use

At least once a day, someone wants to know what chemicals we use to clean carpets.  Is it safe, biodegradable and kid friendly?  Yes it is! Black Out Removes black filtration lines from carpet edges, under doors and around heating and air conditioning vents. It suspends back carbon and other pollutants for easy, thorough extraction.…

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When Can I Walk on My Carpet?

Can we walk on the carpet right after it’s been cleaned?   This seems to be a huge question..and this is what I tell my customers…Yes, however it WILL be damp. We recommend that after your carpet is cleaned you wear socks walking on it so that you do not transfer oils from feet to…

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Carpet Protection

Carpet protector is a treatment that is applied to carpet in the mills during the manufacturing process. This treatment coats the individual fibers with a protective barrier against stains and soils, keeping them from bonding to the fiber, and making it easier to clean. This protection will wear off with foot traffic and/or clean off.…

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What’s the Best Month to Book Your Carpet Cleaning

April – Why? Getting your carpets cleaned is kind of like buying a new car, there’s a good time, an anytime, and the BEST time.  Everyone knows that if you want the BEST deal on a car, you wait til the end of the year.  That’s car buying 101.  The 101 for carpet cleaning is,…

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Should you Scotch Guard?

Why are you thinking about Scotch Garding your carpet?  Let’s be reasonable, when you Scotch Gard, this does NOT mean that you can spill anything on your carpet, not clean it and there won’t be a stain… Fluorochemicals are the main force in fabric protection or Scotch Gard, as it relates to carpet and upholstery.…

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Commercial Carpet vs. Residential Carpet

Please realize that commercial carpet is very different from residential carpet.  Commercial carpet is typically low-level loop with tight construction, and receives a tremendous amount of traffic (depending on the type of building, of course). Because of the loop construction, commercial carpet often holds more soil. Soil can work its way under the loops, becoming…

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A Very Special Christmas Present to Yourself

With the holidays just around the corner it’s time to get your home spruced up for company. One of your home’s best assets is your carpeting! So hire an experienced professional who will do the job right. Anderson Carpet Cleaning. Here are some tips: 1. Understand the carpet cleaning process. Some use a wet cleaning…

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