The Chemicals We Use

At least once a day, someone wants to know what chemicals we use to clean carpets.  Is it safe, biodegradable and kid friendly?  Yes it is!
Black Out Removes black filtration lines from carpet edges, under doors and around heating and air conditioning vents. It suspends back carbon and other pollutants for easy, thorough extraction. BlackOut is unlike any other formula in the KleenRite product line. It was specifically developed to target and emulsify dark soil that from carpet to air vents to troublesome stains like copier toner. This product dissolves and suspends black carbon and other pollution, then moves it to the surface of the fibers for easy, thorough extraction.

Grand Slam is a super-concentrated pre-spray that leaves carpets looking and feeling clean, soft, and fluffy. It starts to dissolve the worst protein, food, grease, and oil on contact and keeps working until you rinse it away. The result: carpets with a like-new look that will really impress you. Grand Slam works on both stain-resistant residential carpet and heavily trafficked, tough-to-clean commercial carpet. No more lugging around different products for different carpets

Matrix Traffic Lane Prespray is a concentrated, traffic lane cleaner for both residential and commercial carpets. Its potent formula combines alkaline builders and detergents with powerful solvents for aggressive cleaning action on the toughest soils.