Commercial Carpet vs. Residential Carpet

Please realize that commercial carpet is very different from residential carpet.  Commercial carpet is typically low-level loop with tight construction, and receives a tremendous amount of traffic (depending on the type of building, of course). Because of the loop construction, commercial carpet often holds more soil. Soil can work its way under the loops, becoming trapped and thus very difficult to remove.  Add to this the fact that frequent vacuuming removes — mainly — larger soil particles. Without regularly scheduled carpet cleaning, the carpet fibers will begin to accumulate smaller soil particles, which will abrade the fibers and dull the overall appearance. (Think of Plexiglas with sand put onto the surface and then a few hundred people walking on it). Thus, resulting in scratches and abrasions which demonstrates what can happen to carpet fibers.  The resulting damage can’t be corrected with cleaning, which shows the importance of keeping a carpet in relatively clean condition at all times.  And, to add insult to injury, commercial carpet can look soiled because of the “graying” or “yellowing” from oily soils tracked onto the floor.  Regular carpet cleaning is not very effective in removing this type of soil.  So remember to give Anderson Carpet Cleaning a call to schedule your next cleaning at 206-579-7302.