The Consequences of Neglecting Tile Cleaning

Tiled flooring is a fantastic way to add some beauty to many rooms in your home, but it also can come with a number of potential cleaning issues. We’re experts in all forms of floor cleaning, and we’ve seen firsthand the issues that can arise with tile and grout products when proper maintenance and cleaning aren’t observed.

What are some of the negative results that could happen if you don’t properly care for your tile floor?

Stained/Dirty Tiles

Often caused by water or bad cleaning products, stains and discoloration of tiles is one of the primary issues. White residue caused by a combination of water and minerals is common – these are usually present on the grout of your tile, given how porous that substance is.

You may also find a milky look to your tiles, which either means the wrong cleaning product was used or, in even worse cases, that incorrect sealant was used on your tiles. In these cases, not only can cleaning be necessary, but a full-on stripping of the sealer may be required as well.


Especially in areas like showers where tiles are exposed to lots of water, mold can be a recurring issue. High humidity breeds mold, and soap residue can create a food source. Tiny holes in grout or cracks in tile can speed up this process, and at a certain point, normal chemical cleaners will be useless against mold – it will require a special mold-killing solution.

Cracks and Leaks

Cracks can develop in tiled floors, either through defects in original construction or issues that build up over time. Leaks are a common cause here, though many kinds of ceramic tiles are prone to cracking on their own. The earlier you get attention on these issues, the better your chances they won’t come back to bite you.

Loose Tiles

Down the same lines, tiles may become loose or lift up from the floor. This is often an installation issue, but just as often it’s a result of a simple lack of maintenance.

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