Why We Don’t Recommend Mop n Glo on Your Wood Floors

  • Many people who have used Mop & Glo on their wood floors are very unhappy with the results. Similar to Orange Glo, Mop & Glo Wood Floor Cleaner leaves a cloudy white film on wood floors. Despite its claim to clean floors, Mop & Glo will make your wood floors look dirtier than they were before because the film is going to appear in streaks. Mop & Glo will discolor your wood floors over time.
  • Cleaning up the Mop & Glo is just like cleaning up the Orange Glo. It is a headache! It requires an ammonia wax stripper to remove the sticky residue. Like all acrylic cleaning products, Mop & Glo is tricky to dissolve.
  • We do not recommend using Mop & Glo or any other acrylic cleaning polishes on your sealed hardwood floors. The result will only be a mess. It will be more work to clean up the residue than it was to apply the Mop & Glo!