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Remove Liquid Laundry Detergent from Carpet: Anderson Carpet Cleaning Services Greater Seattle & the Eastside

by | Aug 31, 2016 | Cleaning Tips, Stains

Lisa Shultz
August 31, 2016

Remove Laundry Detergent from Carpet

I get many calls from people who have spilled a tub of liquid detergent…We will help you remove liquid laundry detergent from carpet. If that is not enough, Anderson Carpet, Wood & Tile Cleaning can help you! Contact us today for a free carpet cleaning estimate.

If you spill detergent on carpet…Here’s a quick guide to help you remove laundry detergent from your carpet.  Run your kitchen faucet until the water is as hot as it can get. Make sure the water is at its highest temperature.

Fill a Clean Spray Bottle for your Liquid Laundry Detergent Cleaning Project

Fill a clean spray bottle with the hotest water.  Spray down the entire surface of the carpet that has the laundry detergent in it with the hot water. Run your hand over the carpet until it feels sudsy like a sponge. The use a vacuum cleaner to clean up excess water from the carpet. After you have vacuumed up the excess water, the carpet fibers will still be wet.

Allow the Carpet to Sit for a few Minutes in order to Remove laundry detergent from carpet

Allow the carpet to sit for a few minutes. This will allow the laundry detergent to separate from the fibers. Repeat the process with your high-powered vacuum cleaner until you have gotten most of laundry detergent out of the carpet. Use a clean white towel to dab the carpet until the rest of the laundry detergent has come up. Although it may seem that the carpet is clean and all of the laundry detergent has been removed, there are still particles embedded in the fibers that could potentially damage your carpet or pets.

Rent a Steam Carpet Cleaner or Call Anderson Carpet Cleaning

Liquid Laundry Detergent Removal

Liquid Laundry Detergent Removal in Settle, Bellevue & Greater Eastside

You can rent a steam cleaner after you have successfully extracted most of the laundry detergent from the carpet. Fill the steam cleaner up with the cleaning solution provided with the unit and then fill the water container to the fill line. The fill line should be at the front or back of the water tank. Do not overfill the tank as this could damage the unit. Run the steam cleaner over the spot on the carpet until the carpet fibers feel like they have gone back to their normal texture. OR If you don’t want to undergo the task of getting laundry detergent out of your carpet yourself, contact www.andersoncarpetcleaninginc.com who specializes in stain removal. Professional carpet cleaning companies have specialized equipment to remove the detergent and leave your carpet fresh. Carpet cleaning companies use specific steam cleaners and chemicals to break down the detergent components. You can even contact a carpet company after you have tried to remove the detergent yourself.

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Lisa Shultz Owner / Manager
Anderson Carpet Cleaning is a family owned business serving the entire Eastside since 1996. Lisa is the proud owner and resides in Duvall with her two kids … and treats every customer as if they are family. Always a stickler for perfection, every carpet, rug or upholstered furniture cleaned by her company is backed with her promise that it will be done to perfection. To talk to Lisa you will immediately feel the extreme passion she has for her company to provide you with a “Red Carpet Experience!” Anderson Carpet Cleaning has five vans with the latest steam cleaning equipment for all residential cleaning needs as well a large “Fuso” truck which offers the ability to clean apartments up as high as the tenth floor! In keeping with the latest in environmentally friendly cleaning soaps and sanitizers, Lisa is always making sure that each product she uses is organic. In fact, she encourages her customers to use the waste water extracted from their home to water their plants and they will flourish!


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