1A blacklight detecting urine, even if you can’t see it, but you can SMELL it!

2The ONLY otc product to use on self spotting pet urine

3Steam clean halfway through with a stain. You can dye a lighter stain dark, but not a darker stain light.

4We also clean RVs!


These are usually easier to remove, and can be removed with the standard truck mount steam clean. No additional charge.

A stain is WORSE.

You usually CAN’T see it. It has penetrated the fiber of the carpet.

A stain is usually something that has been there for a month or more, usually color or oil based (Sharpie, urine, red wine, nail polish).

A stain changes the pH balance of the carpet and requires much more work from the technician. This is why stains cost more.
Typically, an area is a room that is up to 300 square feet (that is 15 x 20 or approximately the size of a two-car garage). Living room/dining room combos are considered two areas. Any area over 300 square feet but less than 600 square feet is priced as two areas. Non-standard areas (baths, halls, landings, walk-in-closets, etc.) are priced separately from the standard areas, usually at a lesser price.

Please know that these room sizes may vary by location.