The Difference Between a Spot and a Stain

So one of the questions I typically ask my customers is, “Are there any concerns you have about your carpet?  Kids issues, Husband issues or Pet problems?” There usually are. And most of the time my customers are honest about this.

No one wants to pay more for an already expensive service they are paying for.  I get that.  I don’t either.

This is where the difference comes in.  A spot is something on the carpet itself, you can SEE it, but it’s not yet embedded into the carpet fibers.  These are usually easier to remove, and can be removed with the standard truck mount steam clean.  No additional charge.

A stain is worse. You usually CAN’T see it. It has penetrated the fiber of the carpet. A stain is usually something that has been there for a month or more, usually color or oil based (Sharpie, urine, red wine, nail polish).  A stain changes the pH balance of the carpet and requires much more work from the technician.  This is why stains cost more.