What’s the Best Month to Book Your Carpet Cleaning

April – Why?

Getting your carpets cleaned is kind of like buying a new car, there’s a good time, an anytime, and the BEST time.  Everyone knows that if you want the BEST deal on a car, you wait til the end of the year.  That’s car buying 101.  The 101 for carpet cleaning is, April! The BEST month for you to book a professional cleaning is April.  It is the slowest month and all carpet cleaners are looking for your business, so you will get the BEST deals.

Whether you are cleaning carpets, tile and grout, area rugs or upholstery, you will save more during this month.

Just think about fabrics that have absorbed a winter’s worth of dirt (upholstery), body oil and germs (nice!) You will need a deep clean to get them ready for another year of wear.

Open the windows and turn up heat to speed up the drying, which can take up to 10 hours in the winter months.