What’s the Best Pet Spot Remover to Use in Between Cleaner Appointments?

We recommend Natures Miracle cleaning solution if you need to spot between cleanings.  You can find it at Petco.  This stain and odor remover helps clean up dog-related messes. The formula helps remove both new and set-in stains as well as odors and pheromones to help prevent resoiling.Help rid your home of pup-related messes with this Nature’s Miracle Stain & Odor Remover. The specially designed formula helps remove both new and deep-set stains and odors, including urine and waste accidents, drooling, food and more, so you can tackle nearly any messy accident.

Carpets have a Ph balance, the over the counter spotters (resolve, Woolite, and any of the others) will change that Ph. Then the professional cleaners come in and use chemicals to clean and where ever you have spotted with anything other than Natures Miracle can interfere with the cleaning process and it could mean that you will not be happy with the result or that the technician has to spend extra time trying to not only get the spot out, but also the chemical from the spotter.  That is why we ONLY recommend Natures Miracle.