Why Do Manufactures’ Warranties Also Require Annual Deep Cleaning?

Why do manufactures’ warranties also require annual deep cleaning by a professional carpet cleaner?  That’s because of two destructive forces that normally affect every carpet — “Soiling” and loss of “texture.”  Soiling is the build-up of dirt particles and other similar materials that cling to your carpet’s fibers. Despite regular vacuuming, particles and materials accumulate deep within the carpet pile and result in a gradual dulling of the carpet’s color and texture. It takes a deep extraction cleaning with powerful equipment and quality cleaning solutions at least annually to remove this accumulated material. An important aspect of professional carpet cleaning is that it leaves no residue.

Over time, foot traffic also causes a change in the appearance of your carpet by changing its texture. Hot water extraction, either alone or in combination with a cleaning, refreshes the texture of the carpet by “resetting” the twist of the fiber. Texture retention warranties recommend hot water extraction performed by a trained carpet care professional at least every 9-12 months.

Tightly twisted little plastic tufts of high technology that present new cleaning challenges. Professional carpet cleaning today calls for a thorough understanding of fibers and fabric types, carpet construction and proper installation techniques, soil types and degrees of soiling, carpet location and “traffic” patterns, the use of professional cleaning equipment and correct application of advanced pre- treatment, cleaning rinsing and post — treatment solutions.

Cleaning carpets today with maximum success and with minimum risk is a complex job. We are skilled technicians who have been thoroughly trained and tested on fiber identification and proper cleaning procedures. We use the finest equipment and materials available.

Yet our services are among the most affordable. When requested, we provide estimates in advance of our performing any cleaning related services. We don’t believe in high pressure sales or hidden charges. We are always pleased to explain our cleaning methods and how we charge for them.

Additional services like deodorization and protectors are always your option. If you have any questions or concerns, call us. We know there are a lot of new things to