7 Gross Things that Lurk in Your Carpet

OMG, 7 gross things that lurk in your carpet!

  1. Skin Cells – we know who the culprit is here, and there is no way around this one
  2. Pesticides – carpets have been tested to contain levels of propoxur, chlorpyrifos,diazinon, permethrin, and chlordane; after all, you do want that lovely shade of green on your lawn.  Even if you don’t use chemicals on your lawn, they may be tracked in by your shoes.
  3. Salmonella and other bacteria – a common enemy of the kitchen, and now, your carpets
  4. Mold – ever forget that wet stain?  It happens, but mold just moved in.  This one is bad for your house as it can cause structural damage over time.
  5. Mildew – like mold, mildew is a fungi.  Particularly bad for your lungs, if it is inhaled it can wreak havoc on your respiratory system.
  6. Dust mites – Sneezing?  House dust mites are a common cause of asthma and allergic symptoms worldwide.  They also feed on organic detritus such as flakes of shed human skin and flourish in the stable environment of dwellings
  7. Feces – We are not sorry for leaving the best for last.  We hate to talk about it, but yes, your carpet may contain traces of feces.  It’s easy really when you think about it, your shoes can bring it in, the dog’s feet perhaps, even your best friends baby who’s diaper has been scooted all across your carpeted floor. So why have carpets at all?  For starters, they are warmer by retaining warm air longer especially in the winter months. Carpets also add beauty and diversity because they come in a variety of colors, fabrics and lengths.  Probably the biggest reason of all to keep your carpets is that they are trapping all of these harmful residencies.  Think about it, without the trap of your carpet they would be much much easier to breathe in.  Don’t get rid of them, just deep clean them!

If you want to remove dangerous bacteria and other pollutants you can hire Anderson Carpet Cleaning.  A truck mount steam cleaning that can successfully remove about 97 percent of dirt and gross stuff from your carpets. We will deep clean your carpet, and you and your family will be able to play worry-free!