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Carpet Pests

Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles are common household pests that look like small, fuzzy worms or little, dark beetles. They can usually be found somewhere in the vicinity of the carpet, on the windowsill, on clothing and even in food products. How common are carpet beetles? Carpet beetles are fairly common bugs. Many times, a carpet beetle infestation…

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7 Gross Things that Lurk in Your Carpet

OMG, 7 gross things that lurk in your carpet! Skin Cells – we know who the culprit is here, and there is no way around this one Pesticides – carpets have been tested to contain levels of propoxur, chlorpyrifos,diazinon, permethrin, and chlordane; after all, you do want that lovely shade of green on your lawn. …

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Insecticide and Carpets

My technician was at a customer’s home, she pointed out some light-colored areas around the doorway leading to the porch. She said that there was a spider problem recently, and she had used a spray insecticide to get rid of the pests. She was hoping the light color would just wash out when we cleaned.…

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